Carousel banner joomla freeware

You can download carousel  bannerjoomla(compatible 1.5 & 2.5) just click here (virusfree and adsfree), you can see live demo on this webpage

Carousel Banner Roboclon uses basic functions of JQuery1.7  allows set banner rotator in vertical or horizontal way

If you like you can donateif you detect bugs or just want a customized version let us know

Following are parameters that you can setup:


Load JQuery: we recomend leave it as "Yes-from this module".

Count: set here number of banners you will rotate.

Banner Customers: if you have several customers select on.

Category: we recomend assign category to your banners so you can easily select group of ads just changing this parameter.

Width: select width of your banner.

Height: select height of your banner.

Search by tags: leave as "no".

Order: you can select sequential or  random.

Animation: select the direction of rotation Horizontal or Vertical.

Wrap: select type of wrapping circular or when arrives to the last banner its rebounds.

Direction: select sense of rotation right-to-left(down-to-up) or left-to-right(up-to-down).

Speed: seconds time od delay between change of slide.

Easing: if you don't like muffling images just leave no.

Target: if you want in another window.