Carousel banner joomla freeware

You can download carousel  bannerjoomla(compatible 1.5 & 2.5) just click here (virusfree and adsfree), you can see live demo on this webpage

Carousel Banner Roboclon uses basic functions of JQuery1.7  allows set banner rotator in vertical or horizontal way

If you like you can donateif you detect bugs or just want a customized version let us know

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We have developed interactive automata systems with image recognition, which aims to capture the attention of visitors of a showcase

Frog-Robot: automata system that moves the eyes in the direction of walkers when it detects that at  front there is someone it starts interacting with visitors, moving eyes, opening her mouth and sticking his tongue even to launch an advertising message

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Interactive design

We offer interactive design web developments

  • database registration
  • mesaggin systems
  • flash animations
  • domotic systems

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